Top Hair Color Trends 2023 Vogue Reveals

Vogue just shared the latest hair color trends for 2023. If you're looking for a new look, you'll find plenty of ideas! Bold or subtle, the Vogue hair trends have something for every style.

Love platinum or intrigued by cinnamon shades? The 2023 trends cater to all interests. Vogue's forecast lets you be ahead of the popular hair color trends. It's your chance to stand out.

Explore the trending hair colors for a fresh look. Get ready for a fun journey into the world of hair color for 2023. Let's find the color that elevates your style!

hair color trends 2023 vogue

Platinum is Back

The trend of platinum hair color is all the rage in 2023. Kim Kardashian and other celebs have been seen flaunting this style. It's a bold look that grabs everyone's attention.

Platinum hair stands out because it can match any skin tone. It means everyone can look amazing with this hair color.

Adding warm tones to platinum hair makes it even more flattering. These touches of warmth bring out a richer, more appealing look.

platinum hair color

Subtle Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a subtle yet eye-catching hair color trend for 2023. It mixes red and brunette shades, creating a unique look. It's perfect for brunettes wanting to try the red trend while staying classic.

subtle cinnamon hair color

If you're a brunette wanting something special, choose subtle cinnamon. It makes your hair warm and inviting, standing out softly. It also looks good on many skin tones, highlighting your natural beauty.

Subtle cinnamon works for all lengths and styles. You can go for a light balayage or a full cinnamon color. It's very adaptable to your personal style.

This color stands out for its elegance. Instead of bright reds, it offers a refined warmth. It's perfect for those seeking a sophisticated yet diverse look.

It goes well with many styles, whether you like your hair straight, wavy, or curly. This color brings out the best in various haircuts.

To keep this color vibrant, use hair care products for colored hair. Regular appointments with your stylist will keep it looking fresh. This care keeps the cinnamon color bold and beautiful over time.

Overall, subtle cinnamon is a versatile and exceptional hair trend. It brings warmth and sophistication to your look. Try this trend for a subtle but stunning change.

Beige Blonde

Beige blonde is a hot hair color for 2023. It mixes blonde's class with earthy tones for a chic look. Many pick it to stay current with blonde trends.

Beige blonde adds warmth and style to your look. Its earthy tones make it unique compared to classic blondes. You can choose shades from platinum beige to caramel tones, which will surely attract attention.

This hair color works well with various skin tones. It can be tailored to fit anyone's taste, cool or warm. So, finding your perfect beige blonde shade to heighten your looks is easy.

Styling beige blonde hair is fun, with many options. Try everything from sleek bobs to wavy styles. Also, it goes well with different makeup styles, whether you want a natural or bold look.

To get beige blonde hair, see a professional stylist. They will get you just the right shade and give tips on keeping your hair bright and healthy.

beige blonde hair color

Why Choose Beige Blonde?

  • It's a hot and stylish hair color for 2023.

  • The earthy tones bring depth and a unique touch to the blonde.

  • It flatters a range of skin tones.

  • You can tailor the shade to your liking.

  • It's versatile in styling and matches well with different makeup looks.

Jet Brunette

Jet brunette is a deep, dark hair color that brings drama to your style. It's ideal for those wanting a bold, mysterious look. It starts dark at the roots and lightens up slightly at the ends.

This color stands out because of its high-shine finish. A glazing formula over the permanent color makes your hair glossy. It looks shiny, adding depth and making your hair seem healthy.

Jet brunette is also long-lasting. A special shade and glazing formula keep the color fresh longer. You won't have to touch it up often. Your hair stays vibrant for more time.

If you want your hair to make a statement, think about jet brunette. It's dark, shiny, and stays looking great for a long time. This hair trend adds glamour and captivates anyone who sees it.

jet brunette hair color

Cowboy Copper

If you want a hair color that's both warm and unique, consider cowboy copper for 2023. It's a vibrant copper shade that makes brown hair pop. This tone is eye-catching and different.

Cowboy copper celebrates copper tones, adding playfulness to your style. The warm hues give depth and dimension. They boost your brown hair's natural beauty.

This hair color works well with all lengths and styles. Whether your hair is long or short, cowboy copper can enhance your look. It's a fantastic way to change your style and stand out.

Cowboy copper is the color to pick if you want to be unique. Its warm, vibrant tones will make sure you get noticed. Try this trend and let your hair glow with coppery sparkle.

cowboy copper hair color

Try the cowboy copper hair color in 2023 for a new beauty look. This warm, distinctive color will definitely make you the focus. It's perfect for those wanting to shine.

French Blonde

French blonde is a hot trend for spring 2023. It draws from the French look. It appears natural and sun-kissed. Other notable trends include lived-in brunette and cherry-cola red. These hues are unique and fun, allowing for playful hair color changes.

Spring is a great time to update your hair color. French blonde and other trends offer fresh ideas. Lived-in brunette gives depth with little upkeep. Cherry-cola red stands out with its vibrant tones. These trends were big on runways and will be popular in salons.

Runway shows guide the season's hair color trends. They inspire fashion-forward looks. French blonde offers elegance, while cherry-cola red is bold. These trends help you show your unique style and stay trendy.

  • French blonde: Effortless and sun-kissed.

  • Lived-in brunette: Versatile and low-maintenance.

  • Cherry-cola red: Rich and vibrant.

Spring is ideal for trying new hair colors. Choose French blonde, lived-in brunette, or cherry-cola red. These trends fit various styles. Let your hair shine with the season's best colors.

Spring 2023 is here, bringing new hair-color trends. It's a great time for a fresh look with exciting colors. Warm and bright tones are in, matching spring's joyful vibe.

Creamy Blonde Hair Color

This spring, creamy, cool blonde is all the rage. It's soft and elegant, giving you a subtle, captivating look. You can choose from platinum to a warmer shade. Either way, creamy blonde adds sophistication.

Plummy Chocolate Hair Color

If you want something deeper, try plummy chocolate. It's rich with plum undertones, offering a lush, complex look. This color works well with many skin tones, making it a versatile choice.

Warm Hair Tones and Hair Color Changes

Spring is shifting towards warm hair tones. These colors make you feel happy and optimistic. They mirror spring's lively energy. Choose golden or coppery tones to stand out.

Spring is also the perfect time for changing your hair color. As the world wakes up, let your hair shine too. Go for either a slight tweak or a complete makeover. Be bold and let your hair show off your style and personality.

The Importance of Hair Color Adjustments for Spring

As spring arrives, it's a great time for changing your hair color. These changes match the season's lively energy. From bright and warm sunshine, we need hair colors that shine just as much.

This renewal season has many seeking warmer, brighter hair. It's about capturing spring's essence in our look.

Changing your hair color with the season is more than a style choice. It reflects your mood and who you are. Like updating your wardrobe for spring, changing your hair color is similar. Embrace freshness and new beginnings with a color that shows off these qualities.

Spring calls for soft, light hair colors. Imagine colors like sun-kissed blonde, honey, and soft pastels. They capture the season's light, giving your look a bright, youthful touch.

When picking a spring hair color, choose shades that feel right for you and the season. Golden blondes, caramel browns, and copper reds are great for spring. They bring warmth, happiness, and a positive vibe, perfect for this cheerful time.

Spring is the best time for trying a new hair look. You could add highlights or change your color completely. There are many choices. A hairstylist can help pick the best shade and method for you.

Adjusting your hair color is a great way to welcome spring. It's a chance to refresh and show off your bright personality. So, embrace hair color change this spring. Let it bring out the real you.

Embrace Unique Tones and Have Fun

Spring 2023 is all about trying new and unique hair tones. It's time to experiment. Whether it's a new shade or a bold hair color, hair color is a fun way to show off. It lets you express yourself and refresh your look.

There are so many colors to choose from. You can really highlight your personality. From vibrant rainbows to soft pastels, your hair color options are limitless.

Express Your Individuality

Pick a bold hair color to show your unique self. Blue, green, or purple can make you stand out. These unique hair tones show your style and confidence.

You could also try highlights or lowlights in fun colors like rose gold. These add interesting details to your hair. It shows off your fun hair color in a unique way.

Don't be scared to try something new with your hair. Experimenting with hair color experimentation lets you be yourself. Your hair is a canvas for your creativity. Changing your hair color can change your whole look.

The Versatility of Hair Color

Hair color trends in 2023 stand out for being highly versatile. They can be tailored to fit your own style, making your hair truly unique. Whether you love a bold color that turns heads or a subtle shade that speaks elegance, you'll find an option that suits you.

The great thing about hair color today is that it lets you express yourself. You can play around with various shades, tones, and dying techniques. This means you can have hair that goes well with your personality, whether it's loud and vibrant or soft and natural.

You can change your hair color anytime you feel like it with these trends. Maybe you're in the mood for a fiery red for a special occasion, or a classic brunette for an everyday look. You have the freedom to adjust your hair color to fit your mood or event.

Besides just choosing a color, you can also explore multiple technique options. Think highlights, balayage, ombré, or color melting. These add life to your hair, making it match your face shape and cut. With these techniques, your hair color can really highlight your overall fashion sense.

Creating individual hair color:

  • Consult with a professional hairstylist: Consulting with a pro is crucial when picking out a hair color. They can help decide what works best for you by looking at your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair. They'll also consider your style preferences to find a color that boosts your look.

  • Consider your lifestyle: Your lifestyle plays a big part in choosing the right hair color. If you're always on the move or can't visit the salon often, a low-maintenance color might be best for you. But, if you like changing up your look, maybe a bolder choice is the way to go.

  • Play with temporary options: Not ready for a permanent change? Try temporary dyes, color rinses, or hair chalk. These let you test out different colors without committing for long.

By taking advantage of hair color's versatility, you can reinvent your style. It boosts your confidence and lets you show off your personality. No matter if you're going for something subtle or bold, a customized color means your look is uniquely yours.


Vogue has unveiled hair color trends for 2023 that are exciting and diverse. There's a color for everyone, from bold platinum to soft cinnamon. This year celebrates your unique self, encouraging bold color experiments.

Choose a color that feels right, whether it's warm and bright or bold and risky. The 2023 trends are all about showing off who you are. It's your chance to have fun with your look. Embrace the new year with a colorful, confident style.

Vogue's insights keep you ahead in the world of hair color trends. Feel confident knowing you're making trendy choices. Let 2023 be the year you change your look with new, exciting colors!


For 2023, Vogue highlights hair colors like platinum, cinnamon, beige blonde, and jet brunette. Cowboy copper, French blonde, and more are also trendy.

Is platinum hair color making a comeback?

Yes, platinum hair is back and it's more striking than ever.

Who has been seen rocking the platinum hair color trend?

Stars like Kim Kardashian love the platinum hair trend.

What are the benefits of adding warm tones to platinum hair color?

Adding warm tones makes platinum hair easier to pull off. It suits more skin tones this way.

What is the subtle cinnamon hair color trend?

The cinnamon hair trend mixes red and brunette. It's unique and eye-catching.

Who is the cinnamon hair color trend suitable for?

It's perfect for brunettes wanting a hint of red. This keeps their classic brunette look.

Beige blonde is trendy because it's sophisticated. It blends blonde elegance with earthy tones.

What is jet brunette?

Jet brunette is a deep, dark color trend. It has dark roots with slightly lighter ends.

How is the shiny finish achieved in jet brunette?

A glazing formula adds a long-lasting shine over the color.

What is cowboy copper hair color?

Cowboy copper mixes brown and copper. It's vibrant and striking.

What is French blonde?

French blonde looks sun-kissed and natural. It's a major trend for spring 2023, inspired by French style.

Yes, this spring also celebrates lived-in brunette and cherry-cola red. They offer fun and unique tones.

Cool creamy blondes and plummy chocolates are in for spring 2023.

What is the significance of hair color adjustments for spring?

Spring's arrival motivates people to match their hair with the season's sunny and warm mood.

How can individuals embrace unique tones and have fun with their hair?

People can have fun by trying new shades and bold colors.

Why is the versatility of hair color important?

Hair color versatility lets people tailor their look to fit their style and highlight their features.

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