Groovy Plus Size 70s Fashion Trends Unveiled

The 1970s brought a fashion revolution, with bold styles that stood for individuality and self-expression. Plus size women joined in, making unique fashion statements in disco and bohemian styles. Let's explore the world of plus size 70s fashion and see the retro trends coming back today.

plus size 70s fashion

Plus Size 70s Fashion: A Political Statement.

The 1970s fashion was more than just style. It was a way to express social and political views. During a time of significant social and cultural shifts, plus size women stood out. They chose outfits that rebelled against the standard ideals, making a strong statement.

Bell bottoms, gauchos, ponchos, and midi skirts highlighted the era's cool vibe. Folk-embroidered blouses, jumpsuits, and cropped halter tops were also popular. Through these choices, plus size women led the battle against conservative views. They embraced retro fashion that celebrated their bodies and opposed societal norms.

Plus Size 70s Fashion

DIY and Influence of the Hippie Culture.

In the 1970s, the hippie culture greatly influenced plus size fashion. It let women show their creativity and unique style through DIY fashion. They were inspired by the era's quest for freedom and defiance of the status quo. Plus size women all over the country started making their own clothes with different homemade methods and materials.

Patchwork became a favorite DIY approach. It involved sewing together various fabrics and patterns to make one-of-a-kind, colorful items. Embroidery, knitting, tie-dye, and crochet were also popular. Women added these handmade touches to their outfits, making them unique.

Choosing to make their own clothes was a stand against mainstream buying. It let plus size women move past the limits of off-the-rack fashion. This way, they could show off their personal style clearly.

Designers saw this trend and started using these creative details in their work. Techniques like dyeing, beading, hand-painting, and working with leather got big in both daily wear and high fashion. The homemade style showed a clear choice for unique over mass-produced clothes.

The 70s also brought more boutique stores and diffusion fashion. This made retro and plus size fashion easier to find and buy. Women could get special vintage-inspired items. These pieces showed the free spirit of that time.

bohemian 70s looks

The 70s hippie culture didn't just let plus size women get creative. It also made society more accepting of different body sizes. It questioned the strict beauty standards back then. This opened doors for more inclusive fashion trends. These trends still inspire and uplift plus size women today.

Drawing Inspiration from the Past.

In the 1970s, fashion designers looked back in time. They brought styles from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s into the spotlight again. The era was full of nostalgia, with old-school charm front and center.

Yves Saint Laurent made waves with his 1940s-inspired collection. He featured beautiful crêpe dresses, fancy fur coats, and stylish turbans. Christian Dior also turned heads with his "New Look." It showcased dresses with buttons and tight waists, bringing 1950s glamour back.

Prairie shirts and dresses gave a nod to Victorian times, mixing romance and femininity into 70s fashion.

For plus size women, this trend was a chance to shine. They put their own spin on these classic looks, creating outfits that stood out. These vintage plus size outfits became symbols of elegance and self-love, boosting women's confidence.

Creating Unique Styles with Retro Plus Size Clothing

Retro plus size clothing lets women celebrate their curves while nodding to the past. Dresses with flattering cuts became essential. The mix of old prints, like polka dots and florals, with new designs made these outfits pop.

Accessories were key for adding a personal touch. Plus size women rocked wide-brimmed hats, big platform shoes, bold belts, and eye-catching jewelry. This blend of retro and modern turned heads, showing off their individual style.

Retro Plus Size Clothing

The image above highlights a plus size woman in a groovy retro outfit. She’s wearing a floral maxi dress that shows her confidence and style. A floppy hat and big sunglasses add a classy vibe. It’s a perfect snapshot of how vintage plus size fashion from the 70s influences today’s styles.

Don’t hesitate to find inspiration in the past for your wardrobe. Explore retro plus size options. Add your twist to make a look that’s all you.

Disco Influence in Evening Wear.

The 1970s disco era changed evening wear forever. Outfits featured bright colors and sparkles. Plus size women rocked the disco trend, showing off their curves in stylish looks.

Flowy gowns with halter necklines became popular for their glamour. In the decade's start, hot pants and minidresses were the craze. Later, flowy gowns in shimmery fabrics became the highlight, offering elegance.

disco influence in evening wear

Disco fashion meant standing out and being bold. The energy of the disco scene was matchless. With its bright colors and textures, disco outfits shone on the dance floor.

Disco style is both a nod to the past and a timeless trend. Modern retro plus size clothing draws from the disco era. It offers inclusive styles for all. Flowy gowns or sparkly jumpsuits celebrate curves and confidence.

Embracing Sexual Liberation Through Fashion.

The 1970s were a key time for sexual freedom. Plus size women were big in this movement through their style. They didn't shy away from menswear looks, choosing suits and trousers that showed off their curves. They loved the groovy plus size fashion back then, with layers and bold patterns like animal prints, making their outfits fun and stylish.

The wrap-style dress, first popular in the 50s, made a huge comeback in the 70s. Plus size women loved these dresses for emphasizing their bodies in a positive light. The dress's flattering shape acted as a symbol of empowerment for them, breaking societal norms and celebrating their beauty.

"When I wear a suit, I feel powerful and sexy. It's a statement that says I'm confident in my body and unapologetically embracing my femininity," mentions Lisa Thompson, a fan of plus size fashion.

Inclusive retro fashion trends have always included all body types, especially in the 70s. Plus size women confidently wore these styles, showing off their bodies and their sense of fashion.

groopy plus size fashion

Keep reading to learn more about the influence of sportswear and the amazing makeup and hairstyles from the 70s era in our next sections.

Sportswear Takes Center Stage.

In the 1970s, sportswear became a beloved mix of style and comfort. It also highlighted a focus on fitness. Plus size women confidently wore sports-themed fashion, showing off their curvy 70s style.

Leotards were big in 70s sportswear. They offered a sleek look that highlighted curves. When paired with leggings, they let plus size women show off their style and confidence.

Ra-ra skirts also became popular. They added a fun, feminine twist to sporty outfits. These skirts were great for moving around and were loved by curvy women.

Bandeau tops were yet another hit, mixing comfort and retro style. Plus size women wore them with high-waisted bottoms, making a trendy and inclusive statement.

Norma Kamali, a famous fashion designer, was key in making sportswear popular in the late 70s. Her designs, like the high-cut swimsuit, met the needs of plus size women, empowering them to join the sporty trend.

Plus size women showed that curvy 70s style went beyond just one fashion type. Sportswear became a key trend, promoting inclusivity in retro fashion. It encouraged women of all sizes to love their bodies and enjoy wearing comfy, stylish clothes.

Makeup and Hairstyles of the 70s.

The 1970s loved a natural, sun-kissed makeup look by day. Shimmery eyeshadows, peach blushes, and soft pinks made your face glow. It was all about looking fresh and effortless.

Evenings in the 70s called for more drama with eyes. Bright, bold eyeshadows ruled the night. The banana crease technique added depth, while thick eyeliner and false lashes made the eyes pop.

The 70s hairstyles went from messy to neat. The shag cut, with its layers, brought out a wild, free spirit. Feathered hair, on the other hand, was all about smooth and flowy vibes.

Simple straight hair with a middle part was also in. Natural afros became a sign of pride and beauty, celebrating one’s self.

Plus size women of the 70s rocked these hair and makeup styles. They embodied the decade's confident and vibrant spirit.


The 1970s was a standout decade for fashion, and plus size women were at the forefront. They embraced and reshaped the decade's trends. From disco to bohemian styles, these trends still inspire and uplift plus size women today.

Retro plus size clothing celebrates all bodies. It offers styles for every shape and size. Love disco glamour or bohemian vibes? There's something for you.

Channel your inner disco queen or embrace your bohemian spirit. The 70s vibe is about no limits in fashion. With inclusive trends, show your unique style confidently.


The 1970s fashion trends were all about bell bottoms, gauchos, and ponchos. Midi skirts, folk-embroidered blouses, jumpsuits, and cropped halter tops were also in. The disco era made glamorous styles popular, like bright colors and sparkles. Fabrics like velvet, satin, and sequins were everywhere.

How did plus size women embrace 70s fashion?

Plus size women made the 70s fashion their own with disco and bohemian flair. They would often make their clothes, blending vintage looks with their style. They wore flowy gowns and took on menswear-inspired outfits with confidence. Their fashion was all about showing off their curves and enjoying retro styles.

What influenced the fashion of the 1970s?

Many things shaped the 1970s fashion. Social and cultural changes played a big part, as did the hippie culture. Fashion from the 30s, 40s, and 50s also made a comeback. The disco movement had a huge impact. Plus size women added their creative touch to these influences for standout looks.

The 70s' day makeup was about looking natural and bronzed. Shimmery eyeshadows and soft peachy tones were favorites. At night, the makeup was bolder, with colorful eyeshadows. Iconic hairstyles included the shag and feathered look, along with straight middle parts and afros.

Today, plus size women can rock 70s retro fashion by wearing outfits that highlight their curves. There are many retro plus size pieces available. They can get inspiration from the 70s, add DIY elements to outfits, and embrace the era's disco and bohemian vibes with confidence.

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