Fresh Jewelry Trends You'll Want to Try in 2024

The fashion world is buzzing with anticipation for the latest jewelry trends of 2024. Designers revealed their collections in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. They've shown us new styles that will take our style to the next level. Look out for bold pearls and mismatched earrings among the hot trends this year.

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Bolder Pearls for Spring/Summer 2024

Pearls are symbols of elegance and grace, now more than ever. This Spring/Summer 2024, they're in the spotlight. Designers like Kimhekim, Versace, and Sixdo are showing off big pearls. You'll see them in necklaces and big earrings.

Gone are the days of small studs and classic pearls. It's time for big, head-turning necklaces with huge pearls. These pieces turn heads. They add luxury to any look. Wear them with a simple dress or sleek jumpsuit to let the pearls stand out.

And it's not just necklaces getting the bold treatment. Designers are putting big pearls in unique earrings too. These earrings add a surprise twist to your style. Choose from a single big pearl or a bunch of them. Either way, you can't miss with this trend.

Statement Necklaces

  • Adorned with oversized pearls

  • Add a touch of luxury and opulence to any outfit

Dramatic Earrings

  • Featuring bold pearls

  • A striking addition to your jewelry collection

Ready to make a bold fashion statement? Embrace these bigger, dramatic pearls. Explore jewelry that's bold and adds drama to your look. Pick a statement necklace or big earrings. These bold pearls will make you stand out.

bold missile

Ultra-Luxe Ear Cuffs and Mismatched Earrings

Ear cuffs and mismatched earrings are perfect for a bold accessory statement. Loewe and Zimmermann elevate this trend with luxurious designs. Their creations feature crystal and gold cuffs that climb the ears, enhancing any outfit with elegance. These accessories blend punk-inspired sharpness with polished sophistication, making them essential for the fashion-forward.

The excitement continues with mismatched earrings, a favorite on runways at Fendi, Schiaparelli, and Valentino. This style lets you pair different earrings, showing off your unique and edgy side. You can wear a bold earring on one side and a simple stud on the other, or mix materials and designs. Mismatched earrings give you the freedom to express yourself boldly and creatively.

ear cuffs and mismatched earrings

Mermaidcore and Marine-Inspired Jewelry

Add a touch of whimsy and magic with mermaidcore jewelry and ocean-themed accessories. Designers like Chuks Collins and Schiaparelli have embraced this trend. They've created stunning earrings with coral chandelier details. These pieces bring the ocean's magic to your look.

Mermaidcore isn't just about earrings. It also includes necklaces with sea creatures like crabs and lobsters. These necklaces are unique and catch the eye. They will become the main attraction of any look, adding fun and sophistication.

coral chandelier earrings

Dive into the mermaidcore trend with beautiful coral earrings and necklaces. Choose pieces with your favorite sea creatures. These marine-inspired accessories let you carry the ocean's charm with you. And you'll stand out wherever you go.

Opulent and Architectural Bangles

Carolina Herrera, Loewe, and Balmain are redefining the stacked bangles trend for Spring/Summer 2024. The slim stacks are out, replaced by bolder, attention-grabbing designs. These designs add glamour and sophistication to any outfit.

Opulent and Architectural Bangles

Carolina Herrera's bangles mix metallic cutouts with sparkling gems. This blend is luxurious, perfect for daytime or evening wear. Loewe's bangles mix in geometric shapes and architectural elements, creating striking pieces. Balmain opts for sculptural forms that show off confidence and power.

Opulent Silhouettes

The bangles' opulent look comes from bold sizes and intricate details. Unlike the old, delicate stacks, these new versions bring a wow factor. They stand out on the wrist and lift any outfit.

Architectural Designs

The bangles' designs are inspired by modern architecture. They feature clean lines, sharp angles, and surprising cutouts. These pieces are more than accessories; they're wearable art reflecting style and design appreciation.

  • Carolina Herrera, Loewe, and Balmain are reimagining the classic stacked bangles trend for Spring/Summer 2024.

  • Opulent and architectural silhouettes add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any ensemble.

  • Carolina Herrera's bangles feature intricate metallic cutouts and sparkling gemstones.

  • Loewe incorporates geometric shapes and architectural elements into their designs.

  • Balmain's bangles exude confidence and power with their bold and sculptural forms.

  • The opulent silhouettes of these bangles command attention and elevate any outfit.

  • The architectural designs draw inspiration from modern and contemporary architecture.

  • Clean lines, sharp angles, and unexpected cutouts create a visually striking look.

Bold Wrist Cuffs and Gauntlet-Inspired Designs

Looking for jewelry that makes a statement? Bold wrist cuffs and gauntlet styles are perfect. Designs from Rabanne and Schiaparelli show this trend is hot on the runways.

Picture this: walking into a room, wrists wrapped in thick, gauntlet-style cuffs. You'll exude confidence. These pieces create an edgy look that demands attention.

Choose from simple, sleek designs or ones that are intricate and embellished. Wrist cuffs are versatile. They add drama and a hint of adventure to your outfits.

Wear them with dresses, suits, or even jeans and a t-shirt. Gauntlet-inspired designs bring boldness to any style. They make your outfits stand out.

So, embrace your inner warrior. Go for these shining armor-inspired looks..Bold Wrist Cuffs" alt="Bold Wrist Cuffs">

Textured and Streamlined Chokers

Chokers are still all the rage in Spring/Summer 2024. We saw them at Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, and Christian Dior shows. This season mixes metals and textures, giving us spiky and sleek chokers. They can spice up any outfit, adding a cool edge.


Nowadays, chokers are a big deal in fashion. This Spring/Summer 2024, they were a major hit. They displayed lots of new designs, showing off individuality and creativity.

These chokers mix metals, making them really interesting and adaptable. You can find them in gold, silver, or bronze. And they come in both spiky and sleek styles. So, you can pick one that matches your style and vibe perfectly.

Do you like chokers that are sharp and bold, or do you prefer something simple and elegant? Doesn't matter! There's a choker for everyone. You can wear them with casual outfits or fancy dresses. They're a great addition to your jewelry box.

Thinking about how to wear a choker? Try layering it with other necklaces to look super trendy. You can also mix it with big earrings or rings. This will give your outfit a complete, stylish look.

Tips for Wearing Chokers:

  • Try different styles to find what fits your style best.

  • Layer your choker with other necklaces for a cool, layered effect.

  • Match your choker with big earrings or rings for a fancy look.

  • Look for chokers with different metals and textures for an eye-catching outfit.

Going to a festival or a fancy party? A textured and sleek choker can make your outfit stand out. Get into the edgy vibe of Spring/Summer 2024. Make a strong style statement with these cool and fashionable chokers.

Modern Takes on Ancient Symbols

Explore the high fashion world and find modern designs with ancient symbols at their heart. Susan Fang, Ulla Johnson, and Giambattista Valli take cues from the Roman Empire. They've updated iconic symbols like laurel wreaths with a modern twist.

On the runways, headbands and wreaths shine with metallic, modern designs. These pieces make your jewelry collection more regal and sophisticated. Your style will soar.

Laurel wreaths, once symbols of honor in Rome, are back in vogue. With metallic touches and modern craftsmanship, they look fresh and new. They let you show off your unique style.

Laurel wreaths mix ancient charm with modern style. They add elegance and a bit of history to your jewelry box. Wear these updated ancient symbols as your signature style.


The jewelry trends for 2024 mix bold and classic designs. They give fashion lovers many choices. You'll find bolder pearls, chic mismatched earrings, mermaidcore styles, and luxurious bangles.

These trends let you show off your unique style. Making a statement is easy. Whether you follow the latest trends or add your twist, it's about celebrating who you are. Jewelry in 2024 is about individuality and luxury.

Exploring these trends brings joy. It's fun to try the year's top jewelry styles. Fine jewelry adds elegance and boosts confidence. Choose pieces that reflect your style and personality. With the 2024 jewelry trends, stand out and make moments to remember.


For 2024, jewelry trends will be bolder and more unique. You can expect to see ultra-luxe ear cuffs, mismatched earrings, and designs inspired by the sea. There will also be opulent bangles, bold wrist cuffs, and chokers with new textures. Plus, modern twists on ancient symbols will be in style.

Which designers showcased bolder pearls on the runway?

Kimhekim, Versace, and Sixdo stood out by adding bold pearls to their collections.

What are some of the trendy earring styles for 2024?

Look out for ultra-luxe ear cuffs and funky mismatched earrings in 2024.

Which designers embraced the mermaidcore trend?

Chuks Collins and Schiaparelli really captured the mermaidcore trend in their designs.

2024 will be big for opulent, architectural bangles. They're set to be a major trend.

Which designers showcased bold wrist cuffs and gauntlet-inspired designs?

Rabanne and Schiaparelli introduced striking wrist cuffs and gauntlet-like designs on their fashion runways.

Textured and sleek chokers were presented by Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, and Christian Dior.

What are some of the modern takes on ancient symbols seen on the runways?

Modern spins on classic symbols, like laurel wreaths, were seen by Susan Fang, Ulla Johnson, and Giambattista Valli.

2024's jewelry trends mix boldness with tradition, appealing to every style. They offer ways to showcase your unique look and stand out.

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