Relive the Glam: 80s Fashion Female Trends

Welcome to the 80s, an era of bold fashion choices. It mixed vintage charm with futuristic flair. Power dressing, punk fashion, neon colors, and big hair defined this time. Let's dive into the iconic women's fashion trends of the 80s.

80s fashion female

The 1980s was a time when women used fashion to show who they were. This era's clothing trends are still inspiring today's styles with vibrant colors and unique shapes. If you love vintage or want an 80s touch in your clothes, these trends will bring nostalgia and glamour.

Power suits and shoulder pads made women look strong and confident. Punk fashion brought leather and studs into the mix. Neon colors made outfits bright and lively, while big hair added glamour. Denim became essential for everyone, showing off its versatility and casual look.

The fashion of the 80s shows the spirit of that time. It was about being yourself, unique, and embracing what makes you different. By adding these retro looks to your style, you honor the 80s' glamour and excitement, with your modern twist.

If you love power dressing, punk styles, neon, or big hair, the 80s fashion legacy is clear. Get ready to bring some of that 80s glam into your wardrobe.

Power Dressing: Embracing Confidence and Authority

In the 1980s, power dressing emerged as women aimed to show their power and success at work. This style featured tailored suits, blazers, and trousers in eye-catching colors and patterns. Shoulder pads were essential, giving outfits structure and strength and boosting the wearer's confidence and command.

Women used power dressing to make bold statements and move away from typical female styles. It symbolized strength and a fight against the male-led business scene.

power dressing

Power dressing mixed masculine and feminine elements for a striking look. Bright colors like reds, blues, and yellows brought confidence and vitality to the style.

Shoulder pads were a defining part of power dressing. These bold and structured features shaped the body, showing strength and authority. They represented assertiveness and professionalism at work.

Influential figures and brands

  • Princess Diana: Known for her standout style, Princess Diana often wore power dressing, showing her confidence and royal grace.

  • Yves Saint Laurent: This famous designer made tailored suits and blazers that showed authority and elegance.

  • Armani: The Italian brand led the way with power suits for women, making it a key name in this fashion trend.

Power dressing changed 80s women's fashion and still impacts professional dress codes today. It marks a move towards women's empowerment, questioning old views of femininity.

Punk Fashion: Embracing Rebellion and Individuality

Punk fashion began in the 1980s, inspired by punk rock music. It was a bold, rebellious style that mixed leather, studs, chains, and neon colors. This created looks that were unique and defiant.

Leather was key in punk fashion. Jackets, pants, and boots made of leather became symbols of the style. This material showed the punk spirit of fighting against the norm.

Studs were important too. They were used on belts, jackets, and accessories. These metal details made any outfit look tougher. They showed off the wearer's unique character.

Neon colors were popular in punk fashion. Bright pinks, greens, and yellows were used to highlight its rebellious side. A neon mohawk or skirt was a way to make a strong statement.

The punk look also changed mainstream fashion in the 80s. Designers like Vivienne Westwood and Jean-Paul Gaultier added punk features to their lines. This spread the punk message of rebellion to more people.

The DIY Mentality

The DIY (do-it-yourself) spirit was central to punk fashion. Punks liked to customize their clothing. They added chains, used safety pins for decoration, and changed their clothes to look unique and worn.

This DIY fashion allowed punks to show who they were and to question usual shopping habits. They could stand out while challenging the fashion world's standards.

punk fashion

The photo above shows what punk fashion is about. A model is in a studded leather jacket, chains, and a neon mohawk. It's about being different and showing your true self.

Punk was more than a fashion style. It was a movement against normal society rules. With their clothing and accessories, punks spoke out for being yourself and not just fitting in.

Now, let's look at another 80s trend: neon colors. This trend also loved brightness and energy.

Neon Colors: Embracing Brightness and Energy

Neon colors lit up the 80s, bringing eye-catching looks. They ranged from neon green to electric blue. These shades dominated fashion, making bold statements. Neon wasn't just for daily wear; it shined in workout gear too. Think leotards and leg warmers. These bright colors added energy and excitement, grabbing everyone's attention.

In the 80s, many groups loved neon’s boldness, making it a fashion icon. The fashion world adopted these bright shades in everything from big sweatshirts to striking accessories. Neon wasn't just about standing out. It was about showing who you are and feeling confident. It captured the lively 80s spirit perfectly.

leg warmers

Leg warmers became a key neon accessory then. They were cozy, colorful, and fashionable. Besides style, they kept the cold away during exercise or daily wear.

Wearing neon, whether all-over or just in accessories, was a big part of 80s style. These bright colors made fashion statements. They also added happiness and energy to that era's fashion scene.

Big Hair: Embracing Volume and Glamour

Big hair defined the 80s. Women used products and techniques to create voluminous styles. They exuded both volume and glamour. To get the look, they often teased their hair for extra volume and drama.

Hair accessories like headbands and barrettes were popular. They added style and sophistication. Often adorned with rhinestones or bows, they made big hairstyles even more glamorous.

Big hair was seen in many subcultures, from punk to glam rock. It varied from edgy punk styles to extravagant glam rock looks. This trend was key to expressing oneself and making a fashion statement.

Women embraced big hair to show confidence and individuality. The trend encouraged trying out new hairstyles, products, and accessories. It allowed for eye-catching and unique looks.

Embrace the 80s spirit by trying big hair yourself. Go for a bouffant, wild curls, or an updo. Big hair adds glamour to any outfit. It's a timeless trend.

Ready to amp up your hair game?

  1. Start by choosing the right hair products for your hair type. Look for volumizing shampoos and conditioners that add body and texture.

  2. Experiment with different styling techniques, such as backcombing, curling, and teasing, to achieve the desired level of volume and texture.

  3. Add some flair to your big hair with fashionable hair accessories like headbands, barrettes, and decorative clips.

  4. Consider consulting with a professional hairstylist who can provide expert advice and help you achieve the perfect voluminous hairstyle.

Remember, big hair is all about volume and glamour. Have fun and make a bold statement with your hair!

big hair

Shoulder Pads: Embracing Structure and Authority

Shoulder pads were a big deal in the 80s, adding shape and a strong vibe to clothes. They were placed in jackets and blouses to make a bold look. The big size of these pads made the wearer look confident and important, especially at work. Many ambitious women wore them to show their strength.

These pads helped women break away from old ideas of how they should dress. By wearing them, women showed they knew fashion and meant business. They became symbols of power, helping women feel ready to take on challenges at work.

shoulder pads

Creating the Power Silhouette

The aim was to make a powerful look with shoulder pads. They made shoulders look wider and helped outfits look balanced. Paired with tailored blazers, they made a strong statement.

This strong shoulder look was key in showing authority. In a world where broad shoulders meant strength, these fashion pieces let women show their confidence.

From the Boardroom to Runways

Shoulder pads weren't just for work; they hit it big in pop culture too. Famous designers like Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent brought them to the runway. They showed how these pads could change women's fashion.

Stars like Madonna and Joan Collins also rocked shoulder pads. They played strong roles, inspiring women to embrace their power in everyday life.

Even though the 80s are over, shoulder pads still influence fashion. Today's designers use them to bring back that strong, confident look. Wearing shoulder pads today is a nod to the women who first used them to stand out at work.

Athletic Wear: Embracing Comfort and Style

In the 80s, as people focused more on staying fit, athletic wear became stylish. It wasn't just comfy; it let people show off their style. Bright neon colors made these outfits pop with energy.

Then, leg warmers and sweatbands got trendy with athletic clothes. They spiced up the look and were useful too. Leg warmers kept muscles warm, and sweatbands kept sweat out of the eyes during exercise.

Athletic wear moved beyond the gym and hit the streets as everyday fashion. Mixing it with sneakers showed off a cool, active lifestyle. It was the best mix of comfort and cool.

Now, we still see the 80s athletic wear's impact in today's styles. Neon colors often appear in today's activewear. Wearing athletic clothes is about looking good while being comfy, whether working out or running errands.

Bring the 80s vibe into your look with athletic wear. Combine a neon top with leggings or joggers for a chill, stylish outfit. Athletic wear is perfect for staying comfy and looking great.

Denim: Embracing Versatility and Casual Style

In the 80s, denim was king. It was versatile and timeless, a must-have in everyone's closet. Back then, people loved oversized denim, distressed looks, and acid-washed patterns. These styles were the height of relaxed cool.

Denim crossed gender lines, making it a fashion piece for everyone. The oversized denim jacket became a key item. It brought an effortless chic to any look. Just pair it with a casual tee and sneakers for that perfect 80s vibe.

Distressed denim added an edgy twist. Ripped knees and frayed edges made it look worn-in. This style showed a laid-back attitude that was all about the era's spirit.

Acid-washed denim stood out in the 80s, too. This special washing method gave denim a rebellious and cool character. By using bleach or acid, it got a unique, mottled look that really made a statement.

To add 80s flair to today's outfits, choose oversized, distressed, and acid-washed denim. Embrace the era's casual style and individuality. Make your own special look.

Top Denim Picks from the 80s:

  1. Oversized denim jackets for a cool and effortless vibe.

  2. Distressed denim jeans with ripped knees and frayed hems for a rebellious edge.

  3. Acid-washed denim skirts for a bold and unique statement.

Denim is classic and always in style, evolving over time. By adding 80s denim to your look, you bring in a bit of nostalgia. It shows your love for retro style. So, dive into the relaxed, cool world of denim. Bring back the 80s fashion glory in your own way.


The 80s fashion was bold and diverse, touched by different subcultures and ideas. It had everything from power dressing to the punk look, neon colors to big hair. This era was all about showing who you are and being unique. These trends still shape today's fashion, proof that the 80s spirit is very much alive.

If you like the strong, confident vibe of power dressing, the bold edge of punk, or neon's bright charm, there's a lot to pick from the 80s. You can bring a bit of 80s flair to your style today. Just add a touch of its glam to your outfits to show off your personal style.

Why not wear a blazer with shoulder pads to show power and control? Or mix in leather, studs, and neon to let your punk side shine. Remember, big hair and flashy accessories are your friends for adding glamour and volume. The 80s brought countless ways to express yourself and be different.

So, dive into the 80s glamour and make your fashion statement by bringing these iconic looks into your wardrobe. Let your uniqueness stand out and honor the colorful, trend-making time that still impacts fashion right now.


Fashion in the 1980s was daring and varied. It was influenced by many subcultures and movements. Everyone found a way to express themselves, from power suits and punk styles to neon colors and big hairstyles. The 80s celebrated being unique and showing off one's personality.

What is power dressing?

Power dressing made a big splash in the 1980s. It featured tailored outfits like suits and blazers in striking colors. Shoulder pads were essential. They gave clothes a bold shape, making whoever wore them look confident.

What is punk fashion?

Punk fashion grew out of punk rock music. It was all about rebellion and being different. Leather, studs, chains, and bright colors were its hallmarks. Punk influenced other 80s styles and showed a different way to see fashion.

What role did neon colors play in 80s fashion?

Neon colors made 80s outfits pop. They were bright, like neon green and electric blue. These colors were seen in workout gear and everyday clothes. Different groups loved neon, making it a lasting symbol of the 80s.

How did big hair contribute to 80s fashion?

Big hair defined 80s looks. Women used lots of products to get their hair to stand out. The style included teasing for volume and accessorizing. It was part of punk, new wave, and glam rock.

What is the significance of shoulder pads in 80s fashion?

Shoulder pads shaped the 80s power dressing trend. They gave outfits a commanding presence. These pads were big and bold, boosting the wearer's confidence. Professional women wore them to show authority at work.

How did athletic wear become fashionable in the 80s?

In the 80s, the fitness craze made athletic wear trendy. Bright colors, leg warmers, and sweatbands were in. People wore sporty outfits for more than exercise. They became part of everyday fashion, paired with sneakers.

What role did denim play in 80s fashion?

Denim was everywhere in the 80s. Styles included oversized and acid-washed jeans. It was easy to match with t-shirts and sneakers. Both men and women embraced denim, making it a timeless element of the 80s.

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